Thursday, January 25, 2018

It's A Hard Knock Live- Part 2

Deja vu all over again.

Poor Belle was at the vet again. I noticed two side by side what looked like infection bubbles on the inside of her mouth above her lip a week ago Tuesday. Got her back into the vet on Friday. They said if it got any bigger to give them a call.  Sunday night when I looked under her lip I could see that one bubble was a bit larger and a third bubble had formed. So Monday morning I made sure not to feed her and had my husband take a photo of the whatever it was and we  e-mailed it to the vet's office. They said to bring her in. Once they looked at it they agreed it had to come out and we left her there. The doctor said that she is optimist about Belle's surgery because the margins looked good. Next is the pathology report.
Belle is doing great and  wakes up full of energy and demanding her breakfast each morning. The only post surgery limit on her has been to feed her soft food only. I've been putting boiling water in her dry food and the wait for it to soften and cool down drives her crazy. She can smell the kibble and cannot understand why I am not giving it to her right away. In  four days we can go back to normal meals. Hopefully, everything goes back to normal then.

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