Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Yesterday morning, Belle is sitting it the front window barking at something I couldn't see.

Loudly, "WOOF!"

"Belle, no."

Loudly, "WOOF!"

"Belle, no."

Loudly, "WOOF!"

"Belle. No!"

(Silence for 10 seconds.)

Softly, "Woof."


Mr. LaP. said...

To: Belle
From: Mr. LaP


Nic said...

Heh, heh...yes, I think Daisy is developing this habit. When I go and check there's nothing there I'm sure she's saying "Well, it's gone now!".

One of my mother's dogs used to walk out into the middle of her large garden, look around and then emit single loud barks that made her whole body shake....several times a day sometimes. Still doing it at age 17 just before she died. I bet the neighbours missed it when she was gone.

la peregrina said...

How can we not love our dogs? They entertain us so. :)