Friday, February 16, 2018

Bread And Water Can So Easily Be Toast And Tea

- Celestial Seasonings Tea  saying

I've been eating Dave's Killer Bread for about a year now. My favorite is the thin-sliced Powerseed. I like the way the bread taste and I like the way it toasts, very crunchy. My only problem is with one of the different types of seeds they sprinkle on the top of the bread before they bake it. I don't know what type of seed it is but it falls off the toast and onto the plate while you are buttering it. Well, actually, the problem isn't the seeds falling off the toast. The problem is those seeds look just like baby cockroaches. I'm getting used to that but it's still jolt when I notice the seeds have fallen on the kitchen floor.

"Ahhh, cockroaches! No, wait, they're just bread seeds."


Blue Witch said...

We're currently eating 100% rye with cumin seeds.

Which look like mouse droppings if they fall anywhere... not what you need to see in a foreign house...q

la peregrina said...

LOL-Eating is such an adventure.