Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Shannon's Dog

"If I could be half the person my dog is, I’d be twice the human I am."
-Charles Yu

My husband and I were walking the dogs last night when a friend who was driving down the street pulled over to talk to us.  She had her dogs with her and since they are friends with my dogs, all four dogs were very happy to see each other. After chatting a bit our friend drove off and we continued our walk.

When we reached our friend's house instead of passing it by Dusty turn into the front walkway to go and visit her dogs. At first I laughed because we had already seen the dogs in our friend's car and I thought Dusty was being a goof but then I realized that wasn't true. Actually, he was a genius who understood both quantum mechanics and the thought experiment, Schrödinger's cat.  In Dusty's interpretation of the Schrödinger’s Cat experiment his doggie friends could be either in the car or in the house but he wouldn't know which until the front door of the house opened.   And that, my friends, is how a genius thinks.

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Mr. LaP. said...

Now I've forgotten which house we live in. Thanks a lot.
Mr. LaP